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R.A. Ross & Associates is a full service distributor serving Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio for over 25 years.

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Gas Compressors

Complete Repair Service

Factory trained and authorized service and repair on all makes and models of pumps, blowers and gas compressors.

Thousands of Items In Stock

Thousands of items in stock in our Louisville warehouse.

Award-winning Customer Service

R.A. Ross & Associates has been recognized many times over the past 25 years by the companies we represent for providing outstanding customer service to our mutual customer base. Give us a call and we will show you why!

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Welcome to R.A. Ross and Associates, Inc.


That’s the last time we repaired this pump.

Our repairs normally last years, even with the abuse some of these pumps have to take day in and day out. And the 5 year example in this case is pretty typical.

Case in point

In February of 2012, a customer needed their Dean ANSI pump repaired. Our repaired pump made it 5 years before needing work!*

What do we do differently?

Look at the checklist (below). Upon receipt, the problem pump is checked and each dimension and value is documented. This gives us a baseline as to the extent of repairs needed. Any component that is not within specification is recommended to be replaced or repaired. Then after authorization to repair, the replaced or repaired components (and finished complete assembly) is rechecked to verify all meet factory recommended specifications.

If a customer desires or something non-typical occurs, pictures of the subject part or parts are taken and furnished. (Not everyone or every repair needs this level of detail, but we can provide it if you desire.)


View the list

We not only can bring pumps and parts up to OEM specs, we often surpass those specs, including dealing with tolerances within 1/10,000 of an inch.

Attention to detail

No repair leaves our shop without passing a rigorous checklist. This attention to detail will save you valuable downtime and money.

If you want it repaired right, call us. We’ll arrange shipping, work up estimates and turnaround time, and call you with any concerns about future issues or why your pump or pump parts failed (see evaluation letter below).


View the report

Nobody knows pumps like R. A. Ross & Associates.

We’ll keep you up and running.

“These guys go above and beyond!”

Gary Morrison
Maintenance Planner
Catalyst Division
Clariant Corporation

Tuthill Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps offer:

• Immediate availability • Quick delivery


and so much more...

Tuthill KVA rotary vane vacuum pumps are perfect for:


• Cheese processing
• Vacuum cooling
• Pneumatic conveying
• Bottling
• Canning
• Tumbling
• Filling & sealing
• Vacuum packaging
• Thermoforming


• Ceramic & brick mfg


• Soil remediation


• Central lab vacuum


• Chemical lasers
• Flight simulation

Consumer Electronics

• Pick & place
• Printed circuit board mfg
• Central vacuum


• Central vacuum
• Freeze drying
• Bottling
• Labeling
• Distillation
• Vacuum autoclave
• Pouch sealing


• Brake fluid filling R&D;
• Central lab vacuum

Energy & Power

• Transformer oil purification
• Transformer drying


• Thermoforming
• Extruder degassing
• Injection molding
• Calibration table
• Material handling

Plus Tuthill KVA rotary vane pumps offer:

• Local distribution & service  • Superior customer service
• Engineered to order system design  • Competitive pricing
• Solid models available • VBXpert sizing & pricing guide

To become a part of our product line, a product and manufacturer has to meet certain standards. After all, our company’s reputation rests not only on our team, our knowledge and service, but on the products we represent.


An OEM with a formal Quality Assurance Program that incorporates general industry practices and ISO standards.(See complete details at www.
Typically 20-25% savings, but up to 50% is not unheard of (depending on product).


Since 1982 Summit has manufactured quality pumps and pump parts for industry worldwide, and prides themselves on being the best value in the market.


Over $11,000,000 worth of inventory in stock helps Summit react to emergency and rush orders. 


We know that when you need it, you need it now. Downtime is expensive. Summit is known for rapid response. 


Drop in replacements for Durco, Flowserve, Gorman Rupp, Goulds, Moyno, Worthington and more. All parts guaranteed to fit.

Click to view a A few of the many models available:

Progressing Cavity

Capacities up to 4,500 GPM, pressures to 1,500 PSI. Drop in replacement for Moyno®, Tarby®, etc.

SN Self priming

Capacities to 3,400 GPM, heads to 145 FT. Interchangeable with Gorman Rupp® T and Super T.

SP Slurry Pumps Horizontal Split Case

Drop in replacements for Warman® HH. 24% chrome or rubber lined versions.

DSR/DSN Horizontal Split Case

Capacities to 12,000 GPM, heads to 400 FT., stainless wetted parts optional. Interchangeable with Worthington® LN.

CC & FM Closed coupled or frame mounted)

2” thru 10” sizes available, capacities to 3,400 GPM, heads to 145 FT. Stainless wetted parts optional. Drop in replacement for Peerless® C&F.;

2196 ANSI*

Capacities to 6,000 GPM, heads to 730 FT, temperatures to 700°. Interchangeable with Goulds® 3196.**

2175 Stock process pump

Capacities to 7,800 GPM, heads to 350 FT. Interchangeable with Goulds® 3175.

* Recessed impeller, low flow and self priming versions as well.
** Flowserve® (Durco®) Mark 3 ANSI. Interchangeable versions. Summit® Clark 3 also available.

We’re growing!

Introducing two new members of our team...

william yarberPlease welcome William Yarber to our inside sales team.

William is joining us following nearly 14 years in the health care industry with Passport Health Plan and Evolent Health.
Prior, William worked for the Cabinet of Economic Development for the state of KY and as a loan processing branch and marketing manager.
William attended Mayfield High School and U of L.

At University of Louisville, William received his bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. He also completed courses and was just short of his master’s degree in higher education administration.

William and his wife Colleen have three children and live in Simpsonville, KY. Feel comfortable to discuss any aspect of Simpsonville, KY. Feel comfortable to discuss any aspect of sports with William as he is an avid fan.

William’s email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

And, please welcome Zachary (Zach) Hornschemeier (you can just call him Zach:) to our employment as outside sales specialist. Zach will be handling southern Ohio (Columbus and south) and West Virginia. Outside sales specialist Dave Lunn will be working closely

with Zach to cover the territory for all our product lines. Zach will be specializing in blowers and vacuum pumps; filtration products; and non-metallic polyethylene storage tanks.zachery hornschemeier 082016

Zach joins us following 4 years with Fischer Process Industries based in Loveland Ohio. Zach brings his technical knowledge of pumps and other process equipment learned as an inside application engineer. He also was instrumental in Fischer’s launch of its internet store.

Enjoying sports and growing up in the Cincinnati area, Zach pitched at University of Cincinnati Clermont while attending college at UC. Now he and his wife enjoy camping and going to watch NASCAR races.

Fun fact: his friends used to call him the “weather man” while he was growing up as he thought about being a meteorologist as a child.

He and his wife Katherine live in Amelia, Ohio and Zach works from our new office located at 233 East Main St, Suite 6, Batavia, OH 45103. Contact Zach at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 513-685-3942 Office and Cell Phone; 513-685-6447 Fax or 800-489-8677 Toll-Free.

Introducing Tuthill's new CP Blowers with 18 PSI ratings!
(Highest rating in the light-duty blower arena.)


Tuthill blowers and vacuum boosters offer flows to over 10,000 CFM and differential pressures to 20 psig (17 in. Hg vacuum).*

(That's engineer speak for "We've got you covered.")

When it comes to blowers, it doesn't get any better than Tuthill. Tuthill MD-Pneumatics blowers and vacuum boosters are high-performance, reliable and engineered systems designed for ready installation.

  • CP models rated to 18 PSIGtuthill-blowers
  • Quieter operation
  • Better gearing for longer life
  • Sight glasses available on all CP Models
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Longer seal life
  • Drop-in replacements for:
  • Gardner-Denver Sutorbilt Legend
  • Roots URAI
  • Ultra quick delivery (we stock many models)

(Not all features apply to all models).

*Vacuum boosters develop extremely high vacuum levels to the micron range.

Be sure and check out our line of blowers and applications!

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